Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Game Day! (aka My Birthday!)

We went to this great little place called Ann Sather for cinnamon rolls. We heard of it on the Food Network's The Best Thing I Ever Ate. And they were. Thanks Ted Allen!
Nik by the statue of Harry Cary at Wrigley Field.
Self explanatory picture.

Love this picture. Love the skyline.

You can see this ferris wheel lit up for miles.
Yes, yes it is. This is a mosaic-cake from the stained glass museum.
This is not a very good picture, but Chicago is full of these spiders. They have webs on every sign post in down town. It was weirding me out.


Kathy said...

That cinnamon roll looked so good! It looks like you had a fun birthday!

Lisa Louise said...

love the pics! looks like you had a great time!! Hope it was a fun bday!!