Monday, September 20, 2010

Early birthday!

My birthday is friday, but since we didn't want to haul the gifts with us both ways, Nik opted to give them to me early.

He really surprised me this year. Despite asking me for a list of things I wanted, he still managed to get me some things I loved, but that weren't on the list. He got me two CD's (Greenwheel andDexter Freebish, a couple of blast from the past bands from high school), a cake caddy - hey, don't knock it, I really wanted one. I make cakes a lot and always have to hold them in the car and try not to let anything touch them. This will be awesome. Also a pair of sewing scissors for my crochet bag. The point of them being sewing scissors is that they fold up pretty little and keep the points protected. I take my crocheting to church with me, so the more compact it all is, the better. The bestest present was a FlipVideo camera. I really wanted one for our trip but couldn't bring myself to buy one cause our camera takes videos. But now that I see the awesomeness that is this camera, I am so glad he got it. It records in HD!! I can't even describe the quality. This will be great when the holidays come around. I may even be able to get some videos of my grandparents and cousins down in St. George.

Now, the video camera may have been the best gift, but the biggest surprise was the Snuggie. Yep, you read that right, a Snuggie. And you know what? I am excited! We keep our place on the cooler side and Nik teases me for the way I wrap up in blankets to keep the use of my arms and hands. And I know what you are thinking, why not just put on a sweater? Well, its not the same. I like the way I feel all wrapped up in a blanket when it is cold. So sue me. I would never have bought one for myself, but I am excited for my Snuggie.

My parents spoiled me again this year with some money for the trip, and my brothers teamed up to get me a card that said they were sorry they didn't get me a gift, but that I should be happy that I got the card. And I was.

Thanks family, for helping me celebrate early. I will miss you while I am gone!


AubGoofy said...

Early Bday is always good. My Mother-in-Law told me that you can celebrate your Bday the week before and the week after. So It's all good. I am so glad you got such wonderful presents. I will miss you on our Bday. But have a blast on your trip. So this is my Happy Birthday Wish to you.

The Felts said...

Happy early birthday!!! Sounds like it was beyond great and with a vacation go boot I'm totally jealous. I know Chicago is on bryces list so I'm curious to hear your reviews!! See you when you get back!!