Monday, October 01, 2007

Job Offer(?) and Burnt Dinner

So I gave up on dinner tonight. I had planned to make a mock sweet and sour chicken with these frozen popcorn chicken pieces we got from Costco and a sauce packet from the grocery store. I was going to make rice and stir fry some veggies to go with it. I had to stop at the store for some milk and as I was checking out (self check out) my milk spilled! Stupid supposedly sealed milk. When I got home I had to start the dishes to get a frying pan clean. I had Nik help me with the rest while I started the chicken cooking. When it is in the oven I start looking for the rice cooker and then the rice. I found the cooker just fine, but could not locate the rice. I looked for 10 minutes with no luck. I even called my mom to see if she found it while she was cleaning my kitchen last week. Nothing. About the time I get off the phone with Mom I see that it is time to turn the chicken. Guess what. Burned. Yep, our stupid over heating oven burned the chicken in almost half the required cooking time. At this point I was done. Nik is eating CocoaNilla Rice Krispies right now. I know that I could have found something else to make for dinner. Rice a Roni per haps. Nope. Not tonight. The fates were conspiring to have me not cook. Maybe I will manage one home cooked meal before we go to Mexico. Maybe.

But before all this happened (way before) I had a job interview. I got the call on Friday in the AM. I was barely awake when I wrote down the day and time. It was Dave from Zeit Company. Ziet Company manufactures awards. You know, those cool plexy glass engraved numbers that say stuff like "Employee of the Month", "First Place Company Golf Tournament", and "Don't Worry, It's Just a Rash." Well, I would help make those! Well, kind of. I am actually not sure which position I was interviewing for because they had two open and they were both ones I would have put an application for. I guess he knew, cause he was asking a lot of questions. Dave said that I would start in customer service (receptionist) helping out with the stock awards, but that when I have a good feel for what the company does and how it runs, I will have the opertunity to move into the custom department. That means graphic design. I won't go into the details, but he was very nice and gave me some great professional compliments. It was nice to hear from an employer that I was a marketable resource. By the end he all but handed me the job. He said that he would like to offer me the job and that he would be calling me by friday. Sweet huh! I had Nik give me a blessing this morning and eveything just felt so good through out the whole interview. I hope I am not just over excited about a good day. I want to be at a company that I can stay with for a while. I am going to be praying hard in the next few days.

Oh, and I would have posted the link to the company's website, but it is boring and not really worth your time.


loudaisy said...

I hate it when the fates conspire against you when you actually plan Dinner. I totally feel your pain. Hooray on the interview. I hope everything works out beautifully and you love your job. I was wondering how it went. ;)

Gatnnos said...

Congratulations on your job offer. It sounds GREAT! Sorry about dinner - I gave up even trying years ago. Dave is lucky if he gets a burned chicken from me to eat. LOL

Kathy said...

Good luck with the job! I'll pray for you too! Don't worry about dinner - it won't be the last time it happens. That's why Dad does the cooking. And as you saw last night witht he corn, he has troubles, too.