Saturday, October 13, 2007

Welcome Back!

I have received a few comments regarding my lack of blogs since I have been back. I would like to explain that I am holding off on the trip stories till I have all the pictures from the trip. I can tell a few stories, but I think that most people will have heard them by now, but I will high light for those I don't talk to on a regular basis. Forgive me if this is a little random, I can never remember what order everything happened in.

First of all, this trip was my first time on a plane. Ok, for my moms sake, that is not true. I guess I was on one when I was really little, but I don't remember it, so it doesn't count. Regretably, the first experience was not the best one. The plane was dizzying small, and it was night out, so I couldn't see anything. I made it through alive, though only just. We had a layover in San Fran for two and an half hours. We were prepared and found our gate early and took a nap. A about nine, plane leaves at nine thrity, I decide to double check some things about our seats and find out that we are at the wrong terminal and need to be across the whole airport in less than half an hour. Needless to say, we almost didn't make it. Stupid sescurity. Anyway, they were paging our names and everything. It was a really close call. And we didn't even get to sit next to each other.

Once on the plane we were relaxed till we realized we did not rememer the name or address of the resort we were staying at. After making through customs we asked a nice taxi service to help us. It if were not for this man, we would never have figured it out. He even let us use his cell phone. Even in the taxi on the way there I was still a little skeptical, but we met a great couple from Seattle who had internet on their Blackberry and he was able to check my blog and the link I posted to find out that not only were we going to the right place, but that ther were staying there as well! Turns out they had the room next to ours. We became pretty good friends with these guys and they even bought me an amazing terracotta painted frog to put in our nursery (when the time comes).

We made it safe to the resort and met our friends at the pool. Everything was great until we pulled out my lap top to download the camera so we could take more pictures. The computer couldn't find the hard drive...again. The last time my lappy was out it was for this same problem less than a month ago. Bummer. This new perdicament led us to persuading the front desk people to let us down load the camera to their lobby computers and then putting them on to Spencers iPod cause Nik's is formatted to a Mac. The only time we have regretted anything about a Mac. Well it worked, but those are the pictures I still need to get before I post any. Jess got some of the best ones.

The rest of the trip was awesome! No one got sick, and we all got along great! I will tell my picture related stories when I have them.

On the way home we had a stop in LA and got to eat at this great restaraunt in the airport called L.A. Roadhouse. It was amazing! Best BBQ Pork sandwitch I have ever had! We had a couple hours there too, but we didn't know that when we got off the plane from Mexico, so we had to book it across another airport (seriously, the WHOLE airport) just incase I was wrong about the layover. The flight in to SLC was smooth, but the plane wasn't much bigger than the first one, so I was still a little anxious, but I did get to sleep a little, which is good.

Ok, those are the stories I don't have pictures for, so as soon as I get those pics I will tell you all about the trip its self!


Gatnnos said...

I am glad that you made it and had a good time. I cant wait to see your pictures.

loudaisy said...

It is much more fun to have a first hand report. It sounds like the trip was fantastic. I am so glad you guys had fun

Kathy said...

What happened to your laptop this time? Is it in the shop now? How's the new job going?

Dixie Chic said...

Sounds like FUN! I can't wait to hear all about it!!