Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to School Tour Guide

My baby brother Jeff starts high school on Monday. And seeing as he is going to my high school, I was asked to come along to show him where his classes were. I was thrilled! I loved Cottonwood! I was so excited to be back there and to see some of the teachers I loved so much. But half way there I realized that it has been 5 years and Jeff is taking different class than I did. I started to get worried that I would not know where he was supposed to go.

I met my family in the Auditorium (or Assembly Hall, as I called it cause thats where we had all the assemblies...made sense in my head) and we sat through a "very informative" hour long presentation about the coming school year. Then we were told that the students had been divided up in groups and could go on a 10 minute tour of the school to get acquainted. I was surprised and a little disapointed because usually at this point they have you follow the students schedule and go meet the teachers and stuff. So, Lena didn't get to see her favorite teachers. And lucky Jeff got the group that didn't know where they were going, and didn't seem to be aware that no one could hear them vaguely explain what hall this was and what classes were taught here. We ditched the stupid group and everyone looked to me to where to go next.

We decided it was best to just go through Jeff's classes. Turns out he is lucky and most of his classes are close together, and they are all near his locker. I was worried for a little while cause Cottonwood has brought in a Charter type school that has taken over some of the classrooms I was in, so those classes are taught elsewhere, and I worried that I would tell my followers that I was 'sure' that the class would be here, only to be proven wrong after walking the length of the school. Luckily that didn't happen. And despite the fact that I never took them in the wrong direction, or told them a class would be there, only to find it was not...I was always asked "are you sure?" every time I told them this was the direction we needed to go. Oh well. We found all the classes and made it out safely.

I forgot how big that school is. My legs were very tired by the time I got home. I guess I was used to it after 3 years. But now, after another 5 I am out of shape again. Good luck Jeff.

In other news, Talina and I played babysitter last night for the cutest 1 year old ever. Vivian (Mom) started her night job last night and we both got calls from Jake (Dad) asking if we would be willing to come by so he could go play basketball with the boys. Never one to turn down a chance to hang with Xander, I agreed. Talina met me there and we spent the evening wondering why someone would put two people who have never had children in charge. At least we were both bigger than Xander. He was a sweetie though, and went to bed with out any problems. When the boys came back Jake could not say 'thank you' enough. It was no big deal Jake!

Hope to be of service again soon!


Vee said...

Yah- I have kiddies from my work I've just registered at Cottonwood this week- and I sometimes have meetings to go to there.
Its so crazy to go back there as an "adult"

The Felts said...

Wow... we're old.

Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

school sucks...the end

Kathy said...

Thanks for helping us out yesterday, Lena. You were a great tour guide!