Monday, August 25, 2008

A Genealogy Poem

"I saw a duck the other day,
It had the feet of my Aunt Faye.
Then it walked, was heading south.
It waddled like my Uncle Ralph.

And when it utrned I must propose,
It's bill was found like Aunt Jane's nose.
I thought, "Oh, No!" It's just my luck.
Someday I'll look just like a duck!"

I sobbed to Mom about my fears,
And she said,
"Honey, dry your tears.
You look like me, so walk with pride.
Those folks are all from Daddy's side."


Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

silly wife!

Kathy said...

Aren't you glad you take after Mom's side?

loudaisy said...

So so funny. So glad you take after your mom's side too.
Love the picture of the duck