Monday, February 09, 2009


My first reaction: NOT a kids movie. Do not think, "Oh, there is this new animated movie for me to take my 8 year old too." This is not a feel good movie. It is weird. But cool. Really cool.

Ok, that said, I really liked Coraline. It was an interesting concept done in a very interesting manner. I like Dakota Fanning as the voice of Coraline, she did a good job of not being "herself" in this movie. I liked the extremes of the other characters. Very tall, thin, or fat. It made them more intriguing. The cat is an important part of the story, but you don't really get to know him. I know that sounds weird, but I felt I was missing something there.

We went to this show Friday with a bunch of people from Nik's new job. It was even cooler to see it with this group cause some of them actually worked on the movie, so their names were in the credits. I felt way more justified clapping and cheering for them than I do for Super Hero movies. Afterwards everyone stood around speculating on how different parts of the movie were made. That was cool. I am looking forward to getting to know these people better as time goes on. They seem really cool.

Please keep in mind that this does have some mild language and some semi-creepy images that may be sensitive for younger audiences.


Hilary said...

I've been thinking about this seeing this one . . . of course, this would require me leaving the little one long enough to go to a movie, which as yet to happen. :-)

How're you feeling? How long are you off work?

Kathy said...

I can't wait to see this one! When I can eat the popcorn!

Cody said...

you are soooooo cool!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I haven't even wanted to take my kids to see it after seeing the previews. I wouldn't mind seeing it, but when you've got smaller kids, it's like- uh... let's not see THAT one... lol. How COOL that your friends are part of the movie, tho!! Neato!