Friday, February 13, 2009

Going Postal

I never really understood why people at the post office were so angry so often. The employees and the patrons. Up until a couple weeks ago I had only had pleasent experiences in the various offices I visited. Up until a couple weeks ago.

Nik and I have always had trouble with the keys to our mail box at our appartment, and two weeks ago, they stopped working. The key would go in, but not turn. No matter what you did. Nothing. So I called the post office near me and they said, (well, first they said to leave the keys in the box and they would get the lock replaced. I had to kindly remind him that I could not get my box door open.) that they would have someone out to change the lock. After another week or so I see that we have a new lock on the box, but no one has said anything about the new keys. We went to the post office on saturday and the nice gentleman told us that no, there were not any keys waiting for us, and no, there was no mail either. Fine.

Monday I called again and they said *surprise* there ARE keys here for us! Go figure. Thurday I was off early so I made the trip the the PO again and got the keys. Once again I asked if there was any mail for us (it has now been more than three weeks since I have been able to check my mail) and was again told that no, it would all be in the box. I had my doubts. Its not a big box.

So, very excited to FINALLY get my mail I go home and try out the new keys. Yay! Box opens! Boo, no mail. But there is a lime green paper that says that our box was too full so they took our mail to the post office for safe keeping.


You mean all that mail that was not there the last 3 times I asked.

I guess its back to the post office.

Hope I don't shoot the person that helps me.


Lisa Louise said...

wow that is buerocracy at it's best, sorry about the run around though!

Kathy said...

Remember, they are government employees! They can't do anything the easy way. I'm glad your mail box is working now!

TStevens said...

Actually Kathy has that wrong - it is a common mistake people make. She is assuming that their intention is to make things easier for you the customer when actually it is to make it easier for them the employee. So they always do things the easy way. Think about it, how were any of the postal workers put out by you being without mail for a week, and by making several trips to the post office?

CTuna's Cavern said...

Welcome to real life at the Post office. Had many encounters myself.

Anonymous said...

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