Monday, February 23, 2009

Double the Birthday's Double the Fun!

Happy Birthday (yesterday) Dad! He turned the big 5-0 on Sunday. I want to throw him a big party like we did for my mom, but since mom is not able to eat real food, we are going to post-pone it till she can participate. Aren't we nice?

I was also informed that I am in charge of my Grandma's 75th birthday celebration down in St. George in July. I don't know if Dad was serious, but I will do it if he wants! I think I did a pretty good job on moms!

Now, on to the birthday celebration! Dad made steak and potatoes for his birthday dinner (mom says he has not had to cook much, so it was good of him to cook for us!) and afterwards we opened gifts!

Mason opening his gift from me and Nik. I strategically wrapped it in a box way bigger than the gift itself. I know, I think I am so sneaky.
Mason finding out it is just his old watch with a new band and a polish. But that is what he wanted, and was excited to get it.
Poor Billie, she is so afraid of the camera, for some weird reason. So of course I took as many pictures of her as I could. She was literally shaking when I took this photo. After presents she spent most of the night downstairs in her kennel. Poor dog.
The boys got Dad a digital probe thermometer that you can use in the oven and on the grill (I think). I think it is was cool. The boys didn't care.
Here is Billie helping Dad open his present from Mom. It is a cool swing chair that you hang from the ceiling or a tree. It is Utes. Very cool.
This one is from me.

It's a Bonsai Tree! Dad likes these little trees, and in the past has even taken trips out to the desert to harvest his own trees to bonsai. This one is just little, for his home office. I hope I picked a good one!

After gifts we had desert. Two kinds of cake and ice cream! Mason doesn't like cake as much, so he always requests a Strawberry Boston (that mom gets from Albertson's) and then there was a small marble cake with raspberry filling for dad. It was decorated with Over the Hill stuff, it was cute.

Hope you guys had a great birthday!!

ps: on a sadder note, the 22nd also marks the anniversary of my Grandma Great's death. I think it was about 8 or 9 years ago that she passed away. We miss her!


Kathy said...

Happy birthday to my sweetheart. I'll post about it, I promise.

Heather said...

Happy belated birthdays! I need to write everyone's birthdays down on my calendar. I'm so bad with that.
and it has been 9 years since granmda great passed. I remember it was shortly after I got married.

CTuna's Cavern said...

Tell your Dad happy birthday from us at the In Laws house. 50- was good. 60 is good too. Tell him that. Love, Dad English