Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary Amy and Jason!

Today is Amy and Jason M's 3rd wedding anniversary.  In honor of the event, and cause I just realized I do not have any recent pictures of the two of them together, I used this picture of their wedding day.  This picture cracks me up!  Amy is laughing and you never see Jason do stuff like this.  If it were Nik, no one would realize why this was different than every other day.  But its funny to think of Jason removing the garter with his teeth.  Good times.  Happy Day guys!


Anonymous said...

Lol- cute pic! Wishing them 100 more years of happiness together!

loudaisy said...

totally fun pic. Wishing you the best of anniversaries and the happiests of days. lOve you guys

Mimi said...

Thanks Lena!! also thank you for the chairs we love them. They are perfect. To be honest I dont have many of pics of us together either lately. I need to change that