Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So last night was my first official Enrichment Committee meeting. For the Relief Society Birthday Party we are doing a Purse Party. They are lots of fun, we have had them in past wards. The meeting went well, and we gave out the assignments. I was put in charge of the invitations, a score sheet for what's in peoples purses, and the program. THE PROGRAM!! Is she kidding? How can I be in charge of the program! She never came out and said it, but when I explained what my last ward did, she said that was a wonderful idea and that I should see if I can find a similar talk. Does this mean I have to give it too? She never said I did. But what would I say to someone else, "hey, would you be willing to give this specific talk for us? Thanks." Who knows, maybe that would be better.

Anyway, I am here to plead for help. If you have ever done anything like this in any way, shape, or form, please share your knowledge. Let me know if you have seen those score sheets and where I might find one. If you remember ever reading anything about what the contents of your purse say about you (or could represent, especially in the Gospel sense), please, pass it on. I am desperate here people. Thanks for your time.


loudaisy said...

Lena, I have the stuff somewhere in my house about that. We were talking about doing that for our party when I was in. Hmm, I will look around. You will be great. No stress

Dixie Chic said...

So you're in Enrichment, too, eh? I mean, it sounds like you *ARE* the enrichment!

We did the purse theme last year, and did the exact same thing with the purse game. Ours didn't relate to the gospel, though (the game). And the "talk" was just one of the ladies telling a story about a bunch of different purses, and then she related THAT to the gospel as best as she could. For our treat we just had an sundae bar, and the ladies went up and made their own ice cream sundaes. And for our "handout", we just handed out little origami type purses with an inspirational quote inside. We chose to do ours a little less formal so it was fun.

THIS year, however, we're doing a pretty formal affair. I'm so glad that "all" I'm in charge of is printing out the "reminders"/flyers, making the posters for church, picking up the party decorations and balloons, and making a cake. We're doing an actual "birthday" theme this year so it will look just like a birthay party, but a lot fancier.

You'll do GREAT!

Mimi said...

Em would be a good one to speak. Emilee is an amazing speaker. If she has the time thats what I would do

Kathy said...

Once I get this cake done, I can look around for mine, too. Good luck!

WonderKitty said...

Great idea Amy, I will call Em!