Saturday, February 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Uncle Pres, Engagement, Explaination

Uncle Pres!

Happy Birthday yesterday to my Great Uncle Pres. His family held a big party in his honor last night at their house and we were invited. I love visiting Uncle Pres. For as long as I can rember he has been part of every major event in my life. This is even better because I have never had a lot of family around to celebrate with me at these times, so having him there made it feel more like the rest of the family was represented. He even came to my SLCC graduation. And he wasn't even obliated! The party was great and his daughter Elaine read some stories she had gathered from friends and family about Uncle Pres throughout his life. It was great to hear the ones from his siblings, they have the best dirt. Thanks Uncle Pres for always being there for our family. You are an amazing man!

These are all the things Pres is famous for saying. My favorite is "First thing Monday Morning." I should start saying that more often.
Mom reading her stories about Uncle Pres. They were pretty funny. She mentioned at time when I was little and Uncle Pres was trying to get me to laugh and it had the opposite effect. It resulted in months of saying "Is that Uncle Pres over there?" To get me to stop crying. I guess it worked especially well at church. Well it doesn't work anymore! I love Uncle Pres! He is always telling us he is the "rich uncle" and even introduced himself to Nik that way. And if your not careful he will "cut you out of his will." I hope I have been good.
In this one is Jeff on the left, Mom's cousin ( I think) John and his wife JJ and Mom's cousin Elaine.
This is me and Nik with Uncle Pres and his wife Bobbi. They are a great couple.


Last night we were all waiting with bated breath for the call from Emilee saying she was engaged. True to form, Jeanne knew ahead of time and called everyone to let them know. I think that Emilee was the only one in a 50 mile radius that did not know she was getting engaged last night. They were great and came to see Nik and I while making the rounds, so we got to see the ring and get a first-hand account of the events. Emilee was giddy with excitement, and we are so happy for her.

The lucky man I named Gearold. (Said like Gare-old) He has been a part of Emilee's life a for a little while now. And a part of the family a little while after that. We all fell in love with Gearold right away, but it was Emilee that took her sweet time. But we are all estatic for them both, and can't wait for our new brother-in-law!


Now for the expalination. Most of you may not have noticed, but just incase you did, and questioning my mental health, I will point out that I have changed the sub-heading on my blog. It now reads, "We're the new face of failure, prettier and younger, but not any better off. Only proof of lonliness, at best." This is a line from a Fall Out Boy song that I love. I know that it sounds a little depressing, but I am not dwelling on that. I just love the poetry of it. It says that we are the same as those that came before us. We strive and suffer the same. Maybe for different reasons, but but it is a struggle none the less. All the new things we have in this world only mask the problems we have underneath. We may look 'prettier and younger' but we are most likely not any better than the next guy. I think that it should humble us to think that we are not "better" than our neighbor. They are struggling the same as we are. Sorry if this has depressed anyone. I just like the lyrics.


Dixie Chic said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Pres! You know, I don't even know HOW I'm related to him. Who's brother is he? Grandma's? (I'm sorta I've never really known him that well, and have only met him a handful of times, but he was always very nice and funny, too. It's nice to have family you're close to!

btw- just to let you and Kathy know- I'm sending out the invitations TOMORROW (I've had to finish making them). I would REALLY LOVE for you guys to come!!! The party's gonna ROCK!! (if it doesn't, then I am SO sorry! LOL!)

Kathy said...

Gotta love Uncle Pres! Yes, Lisa, he is your Grandmother Mitchell's brother. Congratulations to Emily!

Nik said...

It was a fun time!!