Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hey Mika!

Friday night Nik and I were lucky enough to attend a freakin amazing concert. Brittish musician Mika played his very first acoustic show at In The Venue down town.

Given the circumstances it could have been a bummer of a night, but because SLC has some amazing fans and Mika was an amazing guy, it turned out to be one of the top 5 concerts I have been to in my life. And I was there with Nik, so that makes it even better.

The evening started with me rushing home from work and then Nik and I rushing down town. The tickets said "doors at 6:00, music at 7:00" and we got there right at seven. As we approached the club there was still a HUGE line that wound around the building. I was astonished. I thought, "there is no way that this whole line is for Mika, and it can't be there still be a line, the doors opened an hour ago."

We parked and found my two friends Annie and Ally in line and stood in the cold and waited for the line to move. As we were standing and shivering and talking we started to hear rumers that Mika's band was stuck in Wyoming behind the road closures. He was here, but no band, and no instruments. That is why the delay. After standing in the cold for an hour (Annie and Ally had been there since 5:00) they finally started seperating us in to Ticket and Non-Ticket holders. That is a good sign. And we were ticket holders.

We finally made it to the front of the line (which meant a good pat down for the boys and a quick wave through for the girls. I love being a girl.) and were ushered in the back door where our tickets were stubbed and stamped and then we were given a $10 refund per ticket. Awesome! The four of us made our way to the 21 and over cage so we could get good spots high up. And we did. We were sitting on the raining behind the railing on the balcony. But we had an amazing view. The stage was small, but it was covered in wing back chairs and string lights. It was very intriuging. It was about 8:15 when we finally made it in out of the cold, but Mika didn't come out till about 9:00. This part of the reason for the refund. Oh, and the band. The band was there too. When he finally came out the place just about crumbled from the vibrations of the crowd. After greeting us, Mika went on to explain about the weather conditions and that they didn't have any of their real equiptment. And that this would be their very first acoustic show. And that he was terrified that it would suck. At this point everyone started cheering because we all knew that there was little chance that this show could suck.

Of course he opened with "Grace Kelly" and it was amazing. He said numerous times that because they didn't have the equiptment they couldn't play all of their songs. But that meant the only ones they didn't play were Big Girls and Happy Ending. We were bummed about both of them. But the rest of the show was fantastic! When they played Love Today, I thought the balcony would collapse with all the energy! The whole place was shaking. And they led right in to Lollipop, which just kept the energy going. It was amazing. AMAZING! I loved it!

Even though they only played for 45 minutes, it was well worth the ticket price. Even before the refund. Mika said that because the show went so well, despite the set backs, that they were definitly coming back to Salt Lake. I hope he is right! LOVED IT!!!!

Oh, and Annie took some pictures, so as soon as I can get her to post them, I will do the same. Or you can check out her link on my blog to check up on them your self. Yay Mika!


Nik said...

one of the best concerts ever!!!

Annabelle said...

Yeah, sorry about the complete lack of pictures. I'm having a hard time getting my camera's software to load on my computer, so as soon as it's up and running the pictures will be too. Thanks for a fantastic Mika night!

Nik said...

loudaisy said...

So Jealous! I wish I could have gone with you. The music makes me so happy. Maybe next time. I am so glad you guys got to go.

Mimi said...

I am so jealous!! it sounded amazing. I will have to go next time. I love him so much. You are so lucky

Anonymous said...

Boy, I'm dating myself....because I have no clue who this Mika character is! Glad you had a sensational night, though- it sounds amazing!