Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nothing big

I don't really have anything to post about, but a friend just told me that no one is updating their blogs, so I figured I should. Here is an update on my life:

It all gets mixed up, but I think Friday was the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics and a bunch of friends got together to watch and make cookies. I was really excited for this, mostly for the cookies. I have not made successful sugar cookies in a really long time. Granted, these were from a mix, but Dan figured out how to make them roll-able. We used my awesome cookie cutters and made some pretty awesome (and awesomely inappropriate) shapes. I made up the frosting recipe, which I have never done before, and it got rave reviews. Thanks mom! For teaching me how to make frosting!

Saturday I worked again, and it was a terrible day, so Nik bought me pizza and rented The Proposal. It was a good night. Pretty laid back. Nik offered to give me my Valentines Day gift that day, stating that it was technically "LDS Valentines Day". Um. No. I was not raised celebrating "LDS" holidays. I told him I would wait.

Sunday we went to church, then just chilled at home the rest of the day. Sorry, mom and dad, that we didn't come for dinner, but it was really great to just hang out with not obligations. There my have been other activities as well.

Monday I had off for the holiday and used it to kind of clean. I had Friday off so I did most of the cleaning that day, but you know, there is always more cleaning to do. Talina and I traded services and kept each other company while the other one cleaned. Except that I put her to work. She helped me take down my Christmas tree (judgment space ___________. Thanks Steph) and organize some of the filing I desperately needed to do. It looks much better now. I also took a nap, watched lots of TV, and played on the computer. Hey, it was my day off! That night we went to a great FHE at Lou and Ten's house. Noah gave a great lesson and we played some killer Ring-around-the-rosie. After that we went to Percy Jackson, and with a last minute decision, Lou came with us. It was a really good movie. Different from the book enough to spark discussions all the way home. But still well acted and enjoyable. Dad, I don't think you will like it. But take mom to see it anyway.

Last night, for the second night in a row, I woke up at 2am, was up for about an hour reading, and about another hour trying to get back to sleep. The first time I think it was a stomach ache brought on by too many Reeces Pieces (which is really not that many for me), but the stomach ache this morning was a mystery. I felt a little dizzy too, so of course my mind is racing about what I ate that day, and who I had been around who was sick, and if I might actually be sick....it was an anxiety fest at my house last night. I finally got back to sleep but woke up stiff from the waist down. I guess I never really relaxed after I fell asleep. Oh well. Amanda called it sleep work out.

I'm doing fine this morning though, so no worries!!

And no. I am not pregnant.


Lisa said...

I LOVE updates like this! Oh, and ROFL- I was totally gonna suggest you take a preggo test. Darn! Lol.

Lisa Louise said...

sounds like a pretty great weekend! Sorry about the lame sleeping pattern though, that has got to be annoying!