Wednesday, February 03, 2010


For all the music suggestions guys! I have a few of them in CD form in the back of my car, waiting to be listened too. So far I have sampled:

Butch Walker (Sycamore Meadows),

Vampire Weekend (self titled),

Lily Allen (It's not me, it's you),

Ingrid Michaelson (Be Ok)

and am currently listening to Matt Nathanson (Some Mad Hope).

I am working on a good review for each of these albums but it is a work in progress. I will say that I have not disliked any of them so far. Vampire Weekend is its own type of music, but fun to listen too, and Lily Allen had a little more language than I like in my music, but I really like her on the radio, so its all good. If you recommended one of these artists and you think I got a bad album, let me know. I can always switch. After all, some of my favorite artists had flops. Thanks again for the recommendations, I am really enjoying all the new music.


Pippi Longstocking said...

OH man, that's not even Butch's best stuff. I've got more you can borrow if you'd like to try it out.

Pippi Longstocking said...

I forgot to tell you, though, that you should try Butch Walker's "Letters". Definitely my favorite of his albums.